I am Human: Precarious Journeys

Professor Sue Clayton (Precarious Trajectories co-investigator)  will be showcasing her documentary film making and interventions on behalf of the former children of the Calais ‘jungle’ as part of the Being Human festival which opens on Friday 18 November at Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross. The opening night will feature Sue Clayton’s interactive video installation exploring the precarious journeys of refugees fleeing conflict to the UK.

Courtesy of ITV News

At 7pm, Professor Clayton will give a talk introducing the work and situating it within her documentary filmmaking practice and her recent experiences helping children escape the Calais ‘Jungle’.

About the exhibition

Trace the precarious journeys of refugees as they navigate the perils of land, sea and a deadly human landscape riven by geopolitical failure on an unprecedented scale.

This installation responds to three perilous spaces that refugees must navigate: the sea, the national border and the camp.

Featuring original music composed by Brian Eno, a soundscape of voices, the throb of tides, motorways and the human heart, visitors will be invited to interact with three short films activated by movement.

Refreshments will be available with a suggested donation to charity.


I am human: precarious journeys runs from Friday, 18 November to Sunday, 20 November. Free. All welcome.

Part of Being Human 2016 – A festival of the humanities.

Please support the crowdfunding initiative for ‘A Case to Answer‘ – the documentary film directed by Sue Clayton which explores the plight of lone child refugees from the Calais ‘jungle’ and the UK government’s response.




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